Provide five 100,000 square foot distribution centers in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake and Atlanta. Write the tenant specifications, achieve lease rates below market, and complete the entire process in 90 days, guaranteeing OfficeMax occupancy deadlines.


Kevin Tobin created a team, directed out of Chicago, with a local market expert in each market. Kevin personally inspected the macro alternatives in each market, short listed the alternatives for OfficeMax, went back to each market with OfficeMax, and conducted all lease and tenant improvement negotiations for OfficeMax. OfficeMax realized all their goals, leasing five buildings within 90 days, all at below market lease rates, and taking possession within the OfficeMax occupancy schedule. Two of the leases were build-to-suit transactions. Kevin has since represented OfficeMax in three transactions in St. Louis, Detroit, and Puerto Rico.

My initial concern was, could Kevin execute a multiple market requirement in a timely fashion? Kevin not only executed, but Kevin delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Keith Spero, Director of Distribution, OfficeMax